Bring 4-6 Quarts of water to boil. Add generous amount of salt. Place pasta in water. Stir pasta gently to separate. Bring to second boil. Reduce heat to slow boil. Stir occasionally. Wait until the pasta floats then see below for approximate cooking times:

Cut Pasta

  • 2-4 Minutes


  • 5-7 minutes
  • Remove Ravioli with a slotted spoon, sauce & serve. Do not dump the ravioli into a colander to prevent them from bursting
  • After boiling you can also saute in butter or olive oil until dough is crispy


  • 3-4 minutes until they float

Baked Meals

  • Remove top, cover with foil. Bake from frozen for ~1:15hr @ 375 degrees. Broil for 1-2 minutes on
    low watching carefully to finish cooking. Let rest 5 mins.
  • Do not place the foil containers in the microwave.


  • Thaw sauce in microwave for 2 minutes at a time. Pour into sauce pan and heat until thawed and warmed thru.
  • We suggest you add the pasta to the pot of sauce instead of dumping the sauce on top of the pasta to serve. This will ensure all of the pasta is coated properly with the sauce.

Pizza Dough

  • Thaw in refrigerator overnight or counter for ~3 hours. Bring to room temperature before stretching to fit pan.
  • Sheet Pan – Pre cook dough slightly before adding toppings to avoid a mushy pizza. Cook dough at 500 degrees for 3-5 mins. Remove, top with favorite ingredients; return to 375 degree oven & 7-10 minutes.
  • Pizza Stone – Preheat oven to 500 degrees. Sprinkle stone with cornmeal or semolina. Stretch dough onto pizza peel, add toppings, slide onto stone and cook for 3-5 minutes at 500 degrees then lower to 375 degrees for 5 more minutes until toppings are cooked.
  • Grill – Oil bottom on dough well. Oil grates on grill. Stretch dough, add toppings and add directly to hot grill. Cook for -5-7 minutes.
  • For best results sprinkle bottom of dough with course cornmeal for a crunchy pizza shop style crust