Ravioli Stuffings include fresh, creamy ricotta impastata from an all natural farm; vegetables sourced from local farms, imported Italian cheeses like Pecorino Romano. We shred our own cheeses because they melt better without that chalky stuff they put on it to keep it from clumping.

Sauces – Imported San Marzano tomatoes are used the majority of the year except when fresh tomatoes are available during the late summer. San Marzano tomatoes are grown in Naples and are thought to be the best sauce tomato in the world. In fact, only sauces made with this type of tomato can be used on true Neapolitan pizza. To be true to my southern heritage, I do add a teeny little kick to my sauces in the form of some subtle hints of Peperoncino – red pepper – because us Southern Italians like to add it to everything and anything.

Some of the local farms we source from: Eco Farm, Coon Rock Farm, Linda Johnson Family Farms, Brinkley Farms,  Small Potatoes Farm, Thomson Farm, Ever Laughter Farm, Cox Farms, Wise Farms

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